In many parts of the U.S. and other countries, civil infrastructure is aging. This infrastructure could benefit from periodic investigation of the residual stresses present in it.

For transport infrastructure such as pipelines, residual stress can be just as important to the intended purpose. Using x-ray diffraction to determine the total surface stresses in bridges can enable measurement of dead loads in bridge support members, which must conform to design specification for safe use.

Pipelines are susceptible to failure due to complications from welding stresses and phenomena such as stress corrosion cracking. By keeping track of internal stresses, the effects of harmful stresses can be mitigated.

Material Testing’s nondestructive techniques can quickly and easily provide a direct measurement of the residual stress state of a variety of components where it may be of concern, all without disrupting operation and in accordance with ASTM E915, ASTM E2860, and SAE HS-784.

A Reputation for Knowledge and Customer Service
At TEC Materials Testing, we have dedicated ourselves to improving the quality of manufactured products through the application of advanced scientific methods in our products and services.

Since 1982, TEC has designed and manufactured x-ray diffraction (XRD) systems to provide superior testing of metal and ceramic commercial engineering components. One thing our customers know about TEC Materials Testing is that our systems and services have set an industry standard for residual stress and retained austenite measurements.

Our decades of work with manufacturers across a wide range of industries have given us unparalleled knowledge of and experience in stress analysis applications. We understand how important it is that your components are built to endure even the most extreme environments. Our use of the latest technologies and mastery of current analysis techniques make us the natural choice for your materials testing needs.

Technology You Can Rely On
Our products are built for faster, more convenient testing in the field and in the lab. Our x-ray diffraction solutions, which have been in continuous use throughout the world for more than 30 years, are engineered to be compact and portable, delivering results at the speed you need. Serving the automotive, aerospace, power generation, infrastructure, medical components and heavy machinery industries, we provide assistance on site or from our Knoxville, TN-based laboratory, where our A2LA-accredited lab (1033.01) provides mechanical testing that meets the requirements of ISO-IEC 17025: 2005. All testing is done in accordance with ASTM and SAE standards.

Our team of engineers and qualified staff, having more than 75 years of combined experience and are eager to meet your measurement needs guaranteeing rapid results. Today we are the knowledge leader and trusted partner to industrial customers providing simple solutions to complex materials testing problems across a variety of industries worldwide.